Lagos State Government Unleashes its Dragon on GTB Branch



By all means necessary, we must make money is what the Lagos State Government Parastatals are out to do. Its like various agencies come up with new polices daily or what I call a quick money making scheme.

One of the drivers of an advertising agency that I work closely with told me a couple of months ago that the Lagos State Government now requires Lagos State issued driver license when you drive a vehicle that is not registered to you (Ownership).

The hairs on the back of my neck stood immediately, I am not even a hairy person.

“What nonsense, I exclaimed”

The driver’s license issued by the federal government is no longer good enough for Lagos State roads. E joor/ Biko Kwa/ Iya hakuri.

Since Lagos State is filled with beauty and ugly from all across the nations, we are constantly on the go so I ask

  • If I have to help a friend get to the hospital, airport, bus-park? etc I need a different driver’s license.
  • What about drivers or commuters? most drive a vehicle that does not belong to them.

Look at the stupidity of this initiative, if all state government across the federation adopts this quick money making scheme then lets look a transport company driver like GIGM going from Lagos to Anambra. You do the math, that’s nothing less than 6 Licenses. (someone don dey craze)



So what sparked all of these emotions this morning was the sight of armed police men and those bright orange vest worn by agency reps infront  of Guarantee Trust Bank PLC on Opebi.

Looking closely I observed the Lagos State Infrastructure Maintenance and Regulatory Agency (LASIMRA)


Then it dawned on me that Christmas is next month. They must Chop oo by all means necessary. To attack a big dog like a financial institution is a big concern.


I have to consider the options of relocation.  Opobo land seem appealing, at least I don’t have to worry about driving.


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