Western Culture the blame for the decline in Linguistics.


How do languages come to be spoken only by elders and not children?

How does one become the last speaker of a language as Boa Sr was before her death in 2010?


My parents and I migrated to the United States from Nigeria few weeks to my 12th birthday.  Obviously the search of a greener pasture being priority one, the psychological effects on a child‘s identity is on the bottom of the list if at all it makes it on the list. this isn’t to point any blame at any parent, its like the chicken or the egg which comes first?

Once in a new environment, the desire to fit in and be accepted kicks in (it’s only human nature).

“Your shirt looks funny and you talk weird” that statement came from a pretty African American girl in my 8th grade Math class

You guessed correctly, the likelihood of raising my hand again to in class to voluntarily answer a teacher question was tossed out of the window.

Mind you that English is the official language in Nigeria being that English was its colonial master’s language.  Just in case I thought I had it bad, try and imagine what some Italians and other immigrants that didn’t speak a drop of English had to go through.

Over the years I’ve heard African parents talk about the decline in Linguistic without consideration of the increase in migration.

If a child spends 6-9hrs daily, 5-6 days a week in an environment different from what he or she has known prior to the changes, a language different from his native tongue. The percentage of him losing his native tongue or the new learned language supplanting his native tongue is extremely high.


Let me even bring it back home. Nigeria is blessed with many languages and culture.

We can look at an Ibo parent (Southeast) starting a new life and family in Lagos Yoruba land (Southwest)

Both parents are working hard to make ends meet. The child attends a school predominantly English/ Yoruba speaking, neighborhood predominantly English/Yoruba speaking. Who or what in the world is going to be the influencer?

So what if the child goes to see his or her grandmother for 2 weeks in the village usually during the Christmas holiday, the child misses the next 2 Christmas holiday to the village because parents made some extra money and decided to travel to a different destination. Do you really think those 2 weeks are going to make the difference in the language?

I’ve heard testimonies of gifted linguist or the highly intelligent hard working child that can master the techniques of foreign languages, but that’s a needle in a haystack when it comes to this topic.

I strongly believe that majority will be influenced by their environment.  Instead of complaining about western influence, we can develop this great country Nigeria and Africa at large so that arrival flights can surpass that of departure

Here is Quora response to “why do languages become extinct?”

Although most languages go extinct because their speakers are absorbed by a dominant language or cultural group, many languages are simply oppressed out of existence, usually by a colonial power or their descendants. So, sometimes the answer to your question is simply: “Because the government said so.”




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