For the love of foodie


I’ve always admired beautiful images and there is something about food photography that i find very sexxxy.

I think good food appeals to the eyes, the aroma gets through the nostrils, before you dig in with your fork  or spoon for that first taste.

Working as an advertising photographer, I have met and worked with some fabulous Chefs over the years and i admire their work. One of things that i love during a food shoot is food styling. The need for colors to pop out, green, yellow, red and still keep it as real and deliciously inviting to the viewer.

Then we get to photography, this is very technical and requires a special eye for it. the angle, lighting and must certainly effects. There are tricks to the trade and i learned a few from an extraordinary photographer Yetunde Babaeko. She does amazing works and when it comes to food photography she is so detailed.

I had the opportunity to assist her during several food shoots this pass few months and i have a little behind the scene video for you.

Warning! this video contains images that can cause unnecessary salivating. Please watch at your own risk. lol

Check it out





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