Men are dogs/all men cheat

Red flag numero uno, if she feels that way then she must have devised means to deal with that issue and trust me brother. It isn’t for your good.

At this point there is so much pain that you need an antidote for a scorpion bite if you ignore this sign.

Still talking about the Ex

How is it that every subject that you have brought up for discussion this evening ends up relating to this man you never met (but feel like you’ve know him all your life). I was trying to talk about my day in the office, how da hell did it end up being about he said last night. If I hear another word about this dude, He will pay for this dinner you ate.

What is wrong with this picture?

Am glad you asked.  She is not over him. She still needs time, good space.

It is understandable that you want to care for her and help her. You must be super patient and note that you are at risk of being hurt yourself. Some distance is required to enable healing process.

I hate my daddy, Can’t stand that fool.

This red flag to me is number one. The saying, that a girl’s first love is her father. When something goes wrong with her 1st love, something has gone wrong with her heart and really requires counseling.


Yes Ladies, the urge to be held tight and tender kisses at night will always be. There is a need to get it right. The best place to start is your mind.

Facts (envision it, meditate on this)

 1: Acknowledge pain, hurt and brokenness

 2: Acknowledge forgiveness, forgiveness and forgiveness

 3: Acknowledge Hope, Happiness and restoration

Seek professional help (this isn’t time for deliverance prayer session; ignorance will deliver you into another mess).

Surround yourself more with POSITIVE family and friends that will positively add to your brighter colors.

Eat healthy, exercise and treat yourself. The truth is that when you love yourself and take care of yourself, you will attract the one that loves and take care of himself which increases the chances of both taking care of each other.

The same goes when you are a mess. Yea, you are about to get even messier. So clean up the house before you invite your guest. He is more likely to maintain the existing environmental conditions.


Oat meal cookies

For Eyeconnafrica



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