Have you heard? Lagos is working

A developing country like Nigeria has everything to prove when it comes to hosting an event. Brazilians struggle internally for acceptance and lots of external critics to host the 2016 Olympics. Brazilian economy is the ninth largest in the world nominal GDP and the fifth in purchasing power parity to Nigerian economy which is 21st world largets economy nominal GDP and 20th in purchasing power parity.

I think of the possibilties of hosting the likes of Fifa world cup, the Olympics even the recently concluded Lagos City Marathon etc
It’s not just because you want to host a major event, rather the benefits of being identified as sane.

What are the benefits?
I strongly believe that if people can move around in your city day and night and have a good time. They wont mind coming back.

Which takes us to tourism.
We are blessed with so much more than natural resources, we have culture, language, delicacies, great music and fabulous Calabar dancers.
With more foreigners coming here for holidays takes me to the next


Direct foreign investment
If i can come here with my family and stay awhile, chances are i can relocate to this place and keep a closer eye on my investment.
Dubai has not only been a holiday destination but also a business hub in the past decade.

I am excited to experience the Lagos City Marathon, as it serves as an indicator that Lagos is working.
The MD of Access Bank Plc Herbert Wigwe during his brief remark made an interesting point. “2016 Lagos City Marathon was good but we learned from our mistakes and 2017 is better”. He boldly stated that 2018 will be even better. Nothing like a man determine to out do his yesterday.

We can produce more skillful and resourceful young men and women into the workforce, Sme, ICT, Politics etc.


Respect our differences, focus on how to make it work (solution consciousness) making that extra effort even without physically seeing the reward.
Consistency can lead to extremely high productivity.

I am yours truly

Hope you like the visuals and that video below.





2 thoughts on “Have you heard? Lagos is working

  1. Waooo congratulations to the little Angel and lady on wheel chair, that was inspiring. Indeed #lagosisworking
    Thanks Mr Gtouch


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