Unskilled Youths =Bad Market

My people perish for the lack of knowledge. This is a phrase many are familiar with yet some have refused to act on it by getting knowledge.
I have heard many say the youths are future leaders or tomorrow leaders, others say the youths are todays leaders because todays leaders pave the way for the future.
My concern is, why do we have so many Nigerian youths unskilled or doing task that will continue to cause brain drain?
The sad part is that government is making us pay for this dumb ideas.

What skill does a young man or woman gain from tearing a piece of paper for passengers boarding the BRT?


Some bus stops in Lagos have about 5-8 young men and women working at its post due to the heavy inflow and outflow of commuters. On an average, there are 2 ticketers (usually very rude and always out of change).

For some, ghost workers only exist as a figment of their imagination. They are unaware of how ghost workers are created.
So lets say Lagos Brt management claims 20,000 employees on payroll but actually have 15,000 active. (5000 are ghost workers)

Bus fare prices went up on the 1st of March 2017. The distance that usually cost N120 is now N200. Over 60% increment applied to that price package.
Most people asked why such an increment. The simple response will be staff salary and running cost.

So our government claims they are providing employment opportunities to Nigeria’s youths for simple solutions that machines offer. There is a device by the entrance and exit of the buses. This device was created to scan rechargeable bus pass/cards upon entrance and exit. This automatically deducts the funds from your credited account.

These cards are not available just like pre-paid meters from PHCN. isn’t that ironic?
The same way i can make utility payments or recharge my mobile devices using codes like ×737× and reducing human factors, delays and fraudulent activities. That’s the same way we can sanitize our transportation ministry. As a matter of fact, every agency in our country should adopt a technology driven mechanism.

Yes someone can easily tell you that keeping these young ones occupied will keep them away from crime.

I will then argue, what about equipping them with lasting skills? Wouldn’t that keep them away from crime.
I believe that we will have more problems in our hands if we continue to produce young people with very low mental attitude.

I have heard the current administration talk about agriculture which is fantastic, but there has to be more for the millennials. We have to create enabling business environments. The necessary incentives for SMEs and regulatory bodies that are not out to extort and destroy businesses under the umbrella of state and local government tax agencies.
Let’s create more alternative source of energy, lets build more machines and factories. Let’s build strategic partnership with the West, China and other global leaders, instead of importing finished product. with an enabling environment for businesses to flourish, we can have companies producing here in Nigeria which not only provide employment opportunities but it also enhances skill set and promotes brain gain.

A great place to start is power. A lot of people are looking forward to that change.



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