Fraternities and our higher institutions

I was in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria a couple of weeks ago. I had the opportunity to attend the 31st annual convocation of the University of Port Harcourt.

My uncle obtained a doctorate in the faculty of engineering. I always wanted to say this (The Doctor of Philosophy) put some respeck in my name (lol). It was more of a moment of reflection and a reminder of continuous growth. My Uncle accomplishments aspires me to take anything I do to the next level.


I have very little knowledge of the Unique University of Port Harcourt but the convocation speech by the vice chancellor amongst others really said a lot about the current state of our nation and its higher institutions.


Talks about how our university students are running a system similar to our government on campus. Some students hold positions like the Senate, House of Reps, SSA to the President, Assistant to the Director, EFCC and other Ministerial post on campus. (They actually print complimentary card to this effect)

It was amusing to many as the crowd burst into laughter. As funny as the statement may appear, these same set of people have formed groups, organizations or fraternities carrying out various types of criminal activities like the organized crime families in America. E.g. Extortion, kidnapping, drugs, prostitution ring and more.


I wonder if others heard when a Pro Chancellor said that “these students power on campus are parallel with the university staff members”. He was concerned with the monsters created and how they have become uncontrollable.


Yes I said created.


The little information I have gathered about the universities in our country Nigeria, takes you directly to the people that they emulate. Over the years, university students were not on public relations campaign teams as strategist or implementation reps for electoral candidates, rather they were placed as hit men and thugs that disrupt the peace of various communities. They were used to instigate violence on political oppositions. Funds released to these young men and women are able to position them to become war lords, crime bosses, pimps, drug barons and so on.


Some may raise the concern about the brotherhood / fraternities being created for a worthy cause. The question is? Are these fraternity leaders interested in grooming African young men and women, who will contribute to the success of this continent? Rather they are feuding hatred and greed to the system of our higher institutions. Since you cannot give what you don’t have. It will be difficult to justify the actions of today’s fraternities. I sympathize with Lecturers who are now told what to do and even some beaten by students like the case of University of Port Harcourt.


Yes, the Students were expelled but let’s focus on prevention instead of cure.

There is a need for Reorientation on characteristics of leadership. There is a need for service and the true purpose of brotherhood. We can channel our God given abilities to worthy cause and not allow the love of money influence our judgment. Only then can we become co-creators like the gods we are.



Mr Gtouch
For Eyeconnafrica


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