Africa: Better Leaders and Better workforce

May Day 2017, there couldn’t have been a better day for this conference than this day.

One of the panelists is a mentor and I admire his ambitions. He asked the team to handle the event photography, as he will be speaking. I was more interested in what I will take home from his presentation. I am talking about knowledge. This is someone that created a leading advertising firm in less than 5yrs, signed some great Nigeria artiste like Simi to his record label and I have an opportunity to sit and hear him speak??? I’ll gladly take it.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, I got to civic centre and by the time I picked up the brochure and started searching the names of other speakers and panelist, I was blown away.

Am talking about

ROTIMI WILLIAMS: CEO, Kereksuk Rice Farm

CHUKWUKA MONYE: DG, Delta State Economic Summit Group

OMOKUNBI ADEOTI: Divisional Director HR, Leadway Assurance

MMANTI UMOH: Corporate Strategy Director, PurplePatch Consults

STEVE BABAEKO: CEO, X3M Ideas  just to name a few.


Africa needs to adjust her educational curricular by adding entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership courses. We need to be more conscious of creating opportunities than looking for already made. Yes I recognize that everyone cannot be an employer, it is extremely important that as an employee, you constantly look for ways to add value to the organization that you work with. How? By adding value to yourself, take more courses, some are free and some provide financial aid and you pay for some but the fact is, the more you know the more you can give to the world and in return the more the world will pay you. I like the way Mr Steve Babaeko put it, “once excellence becomes your watchword, the world will find you”.

We are in a country where young men and women are still filling station attendants. Put the nozzle in the tank and fill it up. Artificial intelligence is lurking around such work force. It is important that you develop relevant skills in a fast developing world we live in.

Open minded is an important attribute of a successful Ceo. Don’t try to kill the dream of that young man or woman, rather guide it in the direction that will be much more fruitful and productive.

Attitude they say determines your altitude so get the right attitude. Wear that smile the best way you can, it makes you approachable, be willing to share your glory today because someone will share their glory with you tomorrow.

Much love

Mr Gtouch

Photos: Camara Studios

Event: 7Star Workers Conference 2017


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