The youths of a country are its greatest asset. In the country (Nigeria), many of the youth are working hard to earn their living while others are waiting for who would give them.

On the 8th of March 2017, a motivational speaker by name Jabba reported that it has been noticed that many of the youths in the country are using the recession period to achieve positive feats and generate ideas to produce income for themselves in the country.

Jabba spoke to the news agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, that “the youths, hunger recession and creativity”, to encourage youths. Mr. Jabba urges young people to be creative during this period and stop depending on their parents or sponsors.

Jabba, also added that our inner voice is our conscience, which he described as the black box of our life where ideas could be retrieved. So as a youth, you just have to look around your neighborhood, identify a need, think of a business solution.

It has been observed over the years that the best inventions and businesses in the world were created during recessions. The opportunity to create your own business.


Ifeanyi is a student of Babcock University

Currently running his internship program at Camara-Studios and a contributor on Eyeconnafrica,

Ifeanyi can be reached via Facebook and Instagram @ifeanyioparaugo


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