Competition is the act of competing to be the best. Competition is a part of life that can’t be ignored. Often on the school part many types of competition are nurtured and encouraged so that students can identify their talents, develop it and use it to improve lives. A competition to achieve higher-grade marks is also placed upon students to make them study in order to be the best in school.

Furthermore, participating in competitions sponsored by organizations, schools amongst others, create opportunities to showcase talent. Whether it is less important or tangible, it can help you achieve your educational and professional goals.

On the 10th of May 2017, in ikoyi Lagos state. Mr ihenacho Philip reminisced of how he went for a competition in visual art, though he took the 3rd position he never gave up because he believed this was taking him somewhere in life. As an artist, this event had made an impact in his life “competition”.

However, everyone wants to be the best and standout in a competition. Most competitors, be it firms or individuals try to gain competitive edge through various means.  Also it has been reported that some people who are thirsty for success look for illegal means of gaining fame. This is the negative part of it and should be avoided.

Competition enhances growth and creativity, also motivates lazy people who take things for granted. So competition could be seen as positive or negative. It depends on the individual to outline his/her goals in order to balance these forces. In order to be successful in life, we should try our hardest to gain more knowledge, improve abilities, discipline, humble and persistence in all our endeavors and in return we rise above everyone else.


De Rock FC
De Rock FC pose for portrait at the Neymar Jr’s Five Qualifiers in Port Harcourt, Nigeria on March 12, 2017
Participants seen during Neymar Jr’s Five Qualifiers in Port Harcourt, Nigeria on March 12, 2017

written by: IFEANYI

Photography credit: Camara-Studios for Redbull  Neymar Jr’s Five Competition

About the writer: Ifeanyi is a final year student of Babcock University, currently running his industrial training with Camara Studios and a Contributor on Eyeconnafrica. you can follow him @ifeanyioparaugo


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